At the Atma Bhakti Yoga Center, our aim is to foster a community that nourishes the unity of the body, mind, and spirit. Our teachers seek to provide a nurturing environment to begin the journey of discovering what is already inside each of us.line

Ayurvedic Cooking with Douchka
Saturday,August 27 4pm -8pmDuring this ‘learn and eat’ session, Douchka will show you how easy it is to cook a simple, nutritious and flavorful meal in harmony with this season of year, that’ll help calm down any excess or accumulated heat in the body and mind.

Ayurvedic cooking may seem complex and hard to understand – and therefore to implement in your kitchen, though the elemental principles are common sense and can be applied to any and all cooking traditions, they are not limited to Indian cooking.

What you’ll learn in this session:

– the six tastes in Ayurveda, what they are, what’s their effect on the body and mind and how they apply to daily cooking
– the essential spices, herbs and condiments for the summer or pitta dosha, and why you should add them to your food
– what are the key small appliances and tools you should have in your kitchen, to make your life easier

The Menu:
Cream of Zucchini
Lentil and Sprouted Brown Rice Wrap
Cilantro & Coconut chutney
Kale Salad
Coconut Chia Pudding

Price: $75 – includes class, meal and a sample of Douchka’s Digestive Spice Blend

Click the link below to sign up:

This class is limited to 10 people, so make sure to reserve your plate asap!


Guided Imagery Meditation – from intention to manifestation
Friday, August 26 at 7pm
Join Farahana Surya Namaskar for a guided imagery session where you will travel a beautiful journey of setting intentions and allowing the universe to manifest them into a reality.

Farahana Surya Namaskar, aspiring author and motivational speaker, is on her journey to start a non-profit serving abused and neglected children, their families, individuals impacted by domestic violence and divorce has finally found her calling in life. As a 37 year old woman going through a divorce herself and mother of a 5 year old beautiful angel, she is on a mission to turn her life from adversity to purpose. If you are looking for purpose, self love and peace in your own lives, join her!!!

Price: $25.00 per person. For more information, email mmseries2016@gmail.com



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