At the Atma Bhakti Yoga Center, our aim is to foster a community that nourishes the unity of the body, mind, and spirit. Our teachers seek to provide a nurturing environment to begin the journey of discovering what is already inside each of us.


Soundscapes Sound Meditation

Sat.,May 20th, June 17th, July 22nd at  5:30 PM – 7 PM

Take time at the end of your busy week to allow yourself to be immersed in the soothing frequencies of sound with a variety of healing instrument including gongs, quartz crystal & Tibetan singing bowls.

Give your mind the chance to slow and allow our body to melt into relaxation. In this deep state, stress hormones decrease allowing the immune system to function more efficiently. Through sound, the two hemispheres of your brain become more balanced. Your body releases natural opiates giving your whole system a chance to heal & rejuvenate. Consider it a reset for the weekend!

No experience necessary. No yoga involved althought there will be mild breathing excercises. Wear comfortable clothing as you will be lying down most of the time.

$20 at the door

The Mystical Relationship: The Healing Power of Connection

Sat. July 8th, 2-6 pm

Cost $40 

Human beings are dependent upon relationships when we’re born into this world and we usually pursue them for the rest of our lives.

Connecting with others is a basic human need. Often times we don’t know how or we’re afraid, which can lead to anxiety and isolation.

Who do you want to Be in your relationships? What if you could learn a purposeful way to communicate effectively?What would you change about your current relationships? 

David and Leah will be sharing several practices that will help you connect with others on a deep, authentic level, and have a whole lot of fun doing so! 

We will be communicating with words, with silence, and with nurturing touch in pairs and in small groups. This experience will help to enhance all relationships in your life, intimate partner, friends and family, coworkers, and people you’ve only just met! 

Our practices include: – Sacred Space Ritual – Soul Gazing – Thai Massage – Laughter Yoga – Connection Trio – Affirmation Circle 

This is a partnered class, however if you don’t have a partner/friend to bring, message us and we will see if we can match you up in advance. Thanks!

Join David and Leah for this Fun and transformational workshop experience, and be prepared to embody The Mystical Relationship!

David and Leah are passionate about Spiritual growth and exploration, playfulness, connection, adventuring, traveling, community and teaching. They have been teaching together nationally over the years, Vedic Thai Bodywork, relationship workshops, Yoga, meditation, and energy healing. It is their greatest joy to share the best things they learn with others! 

Leah Misty is an energy healing practitioner, crystal energy jewelry designer, licensed massage therapist, and animal communicator. David Tietje has been teaching yoga for over 20 years, is a licensed massage therapist and instructor, a lover of conscious dance, and hosts the Divine Masculine Men’s Group. Based in Dallas, Tx, they love vegan and raw foods, Dallas Int’l Film Festival, and have a “priceless” cat named Pepper.

line1069823_633437726686124_739166623_n We are 10 minutes from downtown Dallas & minutes from White Rock Lake