At the Atma Bhakti Yoga Center, our aim is to foster a community that nourishes the unity of the body, mind, and spirit. Our teachers seek to provide a nurturing environment to begin the journey of discovering what is already inside each of us.


The Ramayana: Evoking the Living Mythology and Mantra of your Soul
Saturday, November 12th 
10 a.m. to 4 p.m. includes vegetarian lunch
A Introductory Course on Extracting Life’s Sacred Blueprint from the Ramayana

Through 20+ years of study and personal experience on their path of Nada-Bhakti Yoga, Randall and Kristin Brooks have uncovered a deep understanding of their Dharma, or Life’s Purpose. Come experience how they thread the ancient mythology of the Ramayana into our modern life, artfully weaving two traditional yogic paths, Nada Yoga (Yoga of Sound) and Bhakti Yoga (Yoga of Devotion), into a meaningful and relevant practice for today’s yogi.

In this workshop, Randall and Kristin provide heart-opening activities and tools to arouse your creativity and curiosity so that through the Ramayana, you may begin to harness the divine power of:

-connecting with your inner archetypes
-gaining clarity by learning to recognize cosmic principles and patterns along life’s path
-chanting Sanskrit mantra & kirtan
-utilizing conscious sound and conscious devotion

Through this guided process, you will learn to use yoga philosophy, mythology, mantra, kirtan, meditation, and practical heart-opening exercises that will allow you to begin to cultivate your own Nada Bhakti practice, thus revealing the cosmic Self-empowerment hidden in the depths of the conflict and resolution of the Ramayana’s heroes and villains.

Live the magic and myth of YOUR Divine Play.

Cost: $36 Early bird through 11/7

$45 Preregistration through 11/11

$63 at the door 11/12

Kristin’s Instagram: BhaktiHouseBand
Randall’s Instagram: NadaBhaktiYoga

Sunday, November 13th 4-6pm

InterPlay is a body-rich, arts-based, global social movement that helps to build self-information, leadership ability, artistic skill, and  communities dedicated to ease, connection, human sustainability and play. It is active, creative, life-changing fun!

In the process of InterPlay, we:

*Relax, play, connect, explore, create.

*Learn how to get our body, minds, hearts and spirits all working together.

*Minimize stress and maximize ease.

*Make wiser, more grounded decisions.

*Find easy ways to change what we want to change in our lives.

*Discover our hidden resources.

Cost: $20 

RSVP to Madeline

Gratitude Kirtan
Saturday, November 19th 6-8pm

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, let’s come together to sing sacred mantras and spread the energy of gratitude.  We will build a Gratitude Altar, so please bring an item to place on it that represents something you are thankful for.

This is a community style kirtan, so please feel free to bring your own instruments and mantras to share. We will be taking turns leading the kirtan for those who would like to.

Vegan potluck as well, so please bring a dish if you feel so inspired.

Cost: Kirtan is free, but donations are always graciously accepted

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line1069823_633437726686124_739166623_n We are 10 minutes from downtown Dallas & minutes from White Rock Lake