Karen X Minzer


Karen X Minzer 

Karen has taught yoga for nearly 15 years, and has followed up her 500 Hour RYT training with continuous yogic explorations and education. She is a poet, director of the nonprofit literature and literacy organization, WordSpace and has also taught yoga in conjunction with creative writing in studios, colleges, high schools and grammar schools. She is particularly inspired by Angela Farmer’s free style of finding poses from-the-inside-out, yoga therapy with Michelle Andries yoga therapy, and all people committed to community service, the world of children, and…poetry!
Children 8 up are welcome: Karen combines a natural rapport with young spirits and a highly creative and playful sense of language to engage children in yoga practice.


Hatha/Raja Yoga: Deep Yoga for Deep People and Children (Mon,Thurs,Fri)

Emphasis is placed on returning the body to full diaphragm breathing, finding movement from the inside &  finally manifesting outwardly into asanas. The asanas then become a platform of finding freedom of movement. The selection & sequencing of poses changes & shifts for each class. Chakra by chakra we progress in practice. Props are used at the beginning of class to warm up the body in self-massage & relax.