Kyari Bhakti Yoga Project

Kyari Kirtan are a group of Bhakti Yogi’s from the International Society to Krishna Consciousness(ISKCON) who want to awaken the world to the richness and beauty of kirtan & bhakti.

Kyari (key-are-ee) means to create a sacred space for spiritual growth. We can create this space for spiritual growth by chanting sacred mantras. These mantras are ancient vedic hymns, powerful and alive. They reach us through an old line of spiritual masters. It opens up the heart letting The Divine infuse us with true love.

We teach classes on texts in the Bhakti tradition such as the Bhagavad Gita, as well as seminars on mantra meditation and how to incorporate Bhakti into your daily life. From time to time, we are able to bring in very advanced senior practitioners of Bhakti. We host and lead kirtans, and are available for live music yoga classes, invocations for events, creating sacred space, or to have fun and sing together for almost any occasion!

Kyari Kirtan is:

imagesLavanga: harmonium & vocals


gauraGaura Lila: mrdanga


diniAnandini: kartals & vocals

joeyJoey: vocals

photo.phpJagannatha: Bass Guitar