Eileen Maxey

EMYogaEileen has her 500 hour Yoga Certification through Yoga Alliance, with Priya Yoga. She has been teaching students from age 3 to 90 years of age for the past decade. With an emphasis on helping students develop their own personal practice, she focuses on finding freedom in the body by being present, and practicing awareness. Awareness of breathing fully, and breaking up old habits that lead to dis-ease in the body. If you have any injuries or troublesome areas, this style of Yoga is focused on safety. The disciplines she has taught are: Ayurveda/Nutrition, Hatha, Kids/Teen, Restorative, Yoga Therapy


Hatha Yoga with Eileen (Wednesdays)

Yoga is the exploration of the Self. As your practice develops, you will attain a deep connection with mind, body and spirit. You’ll be able to calm and soothe yourself in times of crisis. We start by exploring a feeling awareness of the breath and in the body. Breathing deeply relaxes your body and allows your mind to function clearly. Following that with a focus on one specific area of tension and habitual holding to work up to a challenge pose.  Then finally releasing into savanna.