Meet Our Instructors


Eileen Maxey
photoEileen teaches Messages from the Body. Drawing upon studies regarding unprocessed emotional responses to trauma and other emotional events, Eileen evaluates areas of the body where muscle memory has created knots of tension and repetitive behavior cycles. Facilitating the student in a combination of ball work and asanas targeting those patterns, healing and emotional health are optimized.”The body doesn’t lie.” Our bodies tell the Story of our entire lives. By studying our breathing and movement patterns, we can unfold the messages the body is trying to tell us. Sometimes these Messages are quiet, like a hunched up shoulder or sore lower back. Or they can be quite loud, formulating dis-ease to get our attention. Messages from the Body classes will help you to discover more about the habitual holding patterns that can limit movement and breath and …life! Developing a personal practice around transforming these patterns will bring our body and minds to Freedom.

Eileen received her 500 hour Yoga Alliance certification through Priya Yoga. She has been teaching students from age 3 to 90 years of age for the past 15 years.

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Karen Minzer 
194642151_295x166Yogadelic class is a trippy fusion of yoga and spoken word, offering a systemized approach for full body breathing and “chi genius technologies”. All classes begin very slowly to allow rigorous self-investigation, using balls, bolsters and poetry. From there the free dance of poses progress–joint by joint, muscle by muscle, optimizing flexibility and strength in self-empowerment and authenticity. Karen has taught yoga for over 15 years. is certified (Yoga Alliance) at the 500 Hour through Michell Andrie’s Priya Yoga. She has followed those certifications with continuous yogic education and remains particularly influenced by years of study with Angela Farmer’s innovative style of “undoing” and finding the pose from-the-inside-outward, as well as  Michelle Andrie’s yoga therapy lexicon for “body text”. Karen is also the poet Director of the nonprofit lit org, WordSpace and recipient of the 2015 Dallas Observer Master Mind Awards. She has taught yoga in conjunction with creative writing in studios, colleges, high schools and grammar schools.

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Lavanga has always been drawn to natural healing.  In 1994, she became a Licensed Massage Therapist. Being intrigued by eastern techniques she furthered her education with Shiatsu, Thai massage, reflexology, aromatherapy and Reiki. Lavanga began to teach when she became an Usui Reiki Master in 1997, and a Massage Therapy Instructor in 2001. In 2012, she fulfilled a long-standing desire to complete a yoga teacher training course. All the while, Lavanga’s spiritual life took her down many roads, all of which led to make Bhakti Yoga the center of her life. After meeting her spiritual teacher in 2003, she formally dedicated herself to this path, absorbed in the Bhagavad Gita, mantra meditation and kirtan. Lavanga is ABYC’s Studio Director.
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Mara Black
Mara on the balls

Mara has Multiple certifications in bodywork modalities, including 500 hour Yoga Teacher training.
With decades of experience as a midwife she enjoys teaching  ‘Childbirth Preparation classes’  and Prenatal Yoga. 44 years a vegetarian she loves to teach simple food preparation.
Gentle Yoga is good for beginners, experienced practitioners or anyone wanting a slower and quieter healing practice for cultivating inner radiance and well-being.  Mara Black teaches a traditional yoga class with the use of props and balls therapeutically  for ‘ ALL’  fitness levels.  Develop mental concentration and practice better breathing  exercises. Improve body awareness  with gentle stretches and strength building poses. Being able to relax and enjoy this personal time can reduce stress. Celebrate and think of yoga as a fun exploration of your self!
Available for the following privates:
Vedic Thai Body Treatment. Chakra  ‘Tune-up’ with tuning forks. Vibrational sound healing to restore balance in the body and corresponding energy fields.

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Deborah Keller
deborah kellerDeborah Keller is certified yoga instructor with years of study and experience. She is particularly influenced by somatic systems. Deborah’s classes aim to reduce pain or limitations in movement, to improve physical function, and to promote general wellbeing by increasing students’ awareness of themselves and by expanding students’ movement repertoire.She teaches new patterns using gentle, slow, repeated movements necessary to impart a new habit and allow it to begin to feel normal.