Hatha Yoga

At Atma Bhakti Yoga Center we offer a variety of hatha yoga classes. Each yoga class is suitable for all levels. Whether you are a yoga novice or yoga veteran your needs will be met in the class. Our yoga teachers are certified and each one offers a unique style with something a little different based on their training and influences. We hope you find something that speaks to you in each of our classes.


Unless otherwise noted, all classes are $10

Gentle Yoga – 

Messages From The Body –  Drawing upon studies regarding unprocessed emotional responses to trauma and other emotional events, Eileen Maxey evaluates areas of the body where muscle memory has created knots of tension and repetitive behavior cycles. Facilitating the student in a combination of ball work and asanas targeting those patterns, healing and emotional health are optimized. By studying our breathing and movement patterns, we can unfold the messages the body is trying to tell us. In class will help you to discover more about the habitual holding patterns that can limit movement, breath and life! Developing a personal practice around transforming these patterns will bring our body and minds to Freedom.

Pre-natal Yoga($20)- This is not simply a yoga exercise class, but childbirth preparation in dealing with birth, postpartum and breastfeeding. Classes are specifically for pregnant moms, but yoga teachers, midwives, doulas and partners, are all invited to this immersion with Mara, who has had 35 years of midwifery experience.

Restorative Yoga – Restorative Yoga is a passive practice towards relaxation. Simple and gentle positions are created over and around the softness of pillows, blankets and other props. These positions can be held for 5-10 minutes, so that time and relaxed breathing can infiltrate the deeper levels of our senses and organs. Such a pampering practice gives body and mind rest from doing and thinking, allowing muscle tension to loosen and stretch. One feels refreshed and renewed, promoting restful sleep.

Yogadelic – Emphasis is placed on returning the body to full diaphragm breathing, finding movement from the inside & finally manifesting outwardly into asanas. The asanas then become a platform of finding freedom of movement. The selection & sequencing of poses changes & shifts for each class. Chakra by chakra we progress in practice. Props are used at the beginning of class to warm up the body in self-massage & relax.

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